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Success of the most popular web browsers


Web browsers are a near necessity for modern day computers; used for exploring the internet it retrieves and presents the information from the World Wide Web.

The primary use of web browsers is to accesses the Web, however they can also be used to access information from web servers in private networks or to access files in file systems.

The main web browsers are Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera and safari. Internet Explorer was the giant and used by most internet users, however around 2011-2012 Google chrome has dominated the "Web Browsing War".


One of the first web browsers ever ever created was called WolrdWideWeb however it was later renamed to Nexus, it was not very popular as it was not very user friendly and did not have a graphical interface.

In 1993, 3 years after nexus had came out, Marc Andreessen released the Mosaic "the world's first popular browser", which made the world wide web system much easier to use for the average internet user.

Because it Mosaic was so successful, people using the internet increased significantly, later the the leader of the Mosaic started his own company in 1994 creating Netscape and Netscape accounted for 90% of all internet use.

What is a web browser?

Most if not all modern web browsers have a lot of the same user interface which has become slandered now these features include.
Back and forward button, to go back and forth through your browsing history.
The refresh button, to reload a webpage if something has gone or many other reasons to use one.
An Address bar, which is a necessity for any browser because you need it to type in urls.
Search bar, some web browsers have combined the address bar with the search bar.

How they make money?

At the start WorldWideWeb was just a research project and Netscape was sold off as was Opera. Netscape changed its name to Firefox and Opera is downloadable for free like most others.

Internet explorer was released with Windows which also made it free of charge and because of its success in its early days it was funded by the sales of windows.

Around this time Internet explorer was also available to macs, which was Microsoft's attempt to set the web standard.

Safari and the mobile version were funded by the sales of apple computers when it was shipped with it.

Now google pays Mozilla to make google the default search engine in its browsers, so the only ways to make money from this is funding it from other sales or doing deals, unlike browser who try to advertise on it which is not very successful.

The First Web browser



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