Online Gaming

Online games are a constantly changing type of video games now played over the internet.
Before there was the internet or modems these games used wired terminals. The expansion of online gaming has gone from simple text based environments to games with complex graphics and worlds populated by many players simultaneously.
Many online games have online communties where players can talk with other players from accross the world. Connecting with friends from other countries, or the neighbor next door. This adds a new social aspect to Online Gaming. Aswell as more opertunities to play competetivly.
Online games aren't only available on computers. With the development of consoles such as Microsoft's Xbox to Sony's Playstation, more and more games are being developed for online play. As well as playing together, online gaming also brings with it the ability to record game progress and records to show off to your friends. A good example of this is Need for Speed Network. This automatically logs registered players results when they are online.

Need for Speed Netwrok
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