The purpose of this site is to support Computer science students at Don College in Devonport, Tasmania, Australia.

Computer Science is offered as a foundation and pre-tertiary subject.

Computer Science 3C (ITC315113)

In pre-tertiary Computer Science we study:

  • Algorithm design and problem solving
  • Programming using an object oriented programming language (Java Applets will be used)
  • Testing and documentation
  • Computer fundamentals which includes data representation, logic and basic circuits, computer architecture and operating systems.
  • The professional responsibilities of a programmer

Computer Science 2

The foundation class is simular except that there is more emphasis on general computing skills and project work.
This course consists of three units:

  • Essential Skills - Using Computers and the Internet
  • Computer Studies (Programming and Control)
  • Project Implementation

In this course students learn about:

  • Students study a programming language, learn about computer hardware and complete a group project on a subject of their own choice.
  • Assessment is in the form of a series of assignments and the major project. This subject is internally assessed, and there is no final exam.

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